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Love A Bee is a marketplace for authentic honey

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Today, Love A Bee is a small business selling curated honey at farmers markets in the Bay area, selected retailers, and online here.

When you buy from Love A Bee, you will notice that our entire focus is on presenting the inherent beauty of the product, in its raw form, in its pure form. Pure honey is the starting point for everything we do. 

Our prices honor the true cost of production. In return, you get to enjoy our curated, delicious and 100% natural honeys, and the knowledge that we also pay our beekeepers a fair price. Supporting good beekeepers and sustainable beekeeping is why we came into existence!

In the future, we want to train young beekeepers and sponsor school garden programs. This program will be slow and deliberate, and over time will promote great insight into how a good ecosystem works and how bees are pivotal to its success.